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"Show, don't tell."

I'm not a professional photographer. I'm not a professional traveler. I'm not even a professional blogger. No one (yet) has given me a free trip, or a free room, or even a free ride to tell you how wonderful my destinations or accommodations have been. I haven't figured out how to 'live a life of travel' yet, or even if I would if I could. I'm not a lottery winner or a trust fund baby or an early retiree or even particularly wealthy. Chances are, I'm probably pretty much like you.

I like to see new places, to meet new people, to taste new food, to experience new cultures. I work hard to save up money and vacation time so that once (or maybe twice) a year I can get out of my comfort zone and travel somewhere new. I've seen the sunrise in Monument Valley, sailed down the Danube, rode horses in the Andes and camels in the Sahara.  I've also missed trains in Prauge, gotten lost in Marrakech, been scammed in Budapest and stranded in Amarillo on an icy Christmas Day. That's the thing about travel. Sometimes it's awesome, sometimes it's annoying, sometimes it's heartbreaking. But it's always an adventure.

And that's what this gallery/blog/website is all about. Showing you the adventure through pictures, posts, and observations. But mostly pictures. Because it's always better to show and not to tell.  


Holiday Road                     
USA - North Carolina to Utah  

DECEMBER 21, 2012-JANUARY 5, 2013

Iberian Capitals                        
Spain & Portugal  

FEBRUARY 4-11, 2015

Balkan Blowout                       
Croatia, Montenegro, & Bosnia

SEPTEMBER 12-24, 2015

Cuba Libre                   

DECEMBER 23-31, 2017

Incan Adventure                      

APRIL 15 - MAY 1, 2019

Icelandic Epic             
MAY 20-30, 2021

My Big, Fat Greek Vacation  
MARCH 2-12, 2022

The West Coast                      
Mexico, USA, Canada  

JUNE 4-16, 2013

Blank Czech                   
Czech Republic, Hungary, & Poland  

OCTOBER 16-28, 2016

Way South of  the Border                    
Argentina, Uruguay & Chile

MARCH 5-19, 2017

Rock The Casbah                      
Morocco & Portugal

OCTOBER 4-21, 2018

Lost In Translation                      

NOVEMBER 9-26, 2019

Turkish Delight       


A Passage to India (And Nepal)
India, Nepal

Springtime in Slovenia
Italy, Slovenia
APRIL 11-22, 2023

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