love, intergalactic

Our second foray into the Hampton Roads 48 Hour Film Challenge did not turn out as well as the first: we were disqualified from the contest on a technicality (we used a clip of our 2017 entry to play on the TV in the background from the 2:04-2:07 mark). So, we'll never know how it would have been judged had we been allowed into the competition.


We again pulled sci-fi as our genre, this time with a matchmaker named Tyler Veith as the character and a piece of string as the prop. While I think it's a fun little piece, as a film I think it makes a good comedy sketch. I kinda wish I'd stuck to my guns a little in the writer's room and gone with another concept that I think I would have liked better. But live and learn, right?

In this one, I again took the lead on writing and played a supporting character, the aforementioned matchmaker Tyler Veith.