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Our entry into the 2019 Hampton Roads 48 Hour Film Challenge made the "Best Of" list and managed to garner seven awards, including Audience Favorite, 1st Runner Up for Ensemble Acting and Best Original Song. We weren't able to take home any of the judges' awards for top film this year, but in my opinion, being an audience favorite is just as good in this type of competition.

This time. we pulled fantasy as our genre, with a fisherman named Frank McMaster as the character and medicine as the prop. Given more time and freedom, I probably would have toned down the straight-up comic aspects of this one and explored more of the 'life as a game of chance' theme, but when you're working under such tight deadlines, it's difficult to change course once you've headed in one direction. Given everything, I think we produced a great little comedy in 48 hours (45, actually, as we had to physically drive the entry from the Outer Banks to Norfolk. 

You won't see me in this one. I decided to step out of the acting gig this time around in favor of leading the writing team. So take a look... and enjoy!   

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