By Rob Jenkins

The trees were a blur as Joseph traveled down the long dirt road.  He could push the motor bike a little more on this route; he had taken it many times as an organ trafficker.  A long forty seven mile empty stretch of dirt, it was the perfect place to stay hidden.  Surrounded on both sides by thick trees you could only find it if you knew where to look.  Joseph was calm; the only thing he worried about was his former employer.  As if on cue, a flood of headlights illuminated behind him.


“Aris, is that who I think it is?”

“Yes Joe,” quipped a voice in his helmet.  “It is the Federal State Alliance.  They realized by now you have gone rogue.  They want the portable refrigerator we are currently carrying.”

“Damn.  I thought I would have been able to at least make it to Junction Pass before they caught wise.  How many are in front of us?”

“From my scans it appears to be ten riders total, six bikes and two heavy armors.”

“Deploy road snaps and program them to the weight of the heavy armors.  Also get a couple of electros charged”


Joseph reached down to touch the refrigeration unit.  The cold unit was still working.  Joseph brought the bike to a stop and looked back.  There was no point in trying to outrun the FSA- once they had eyes on you it was either fight or be taken in.  Joseph knew that from experience.  Working as an organ trafficker for the past few years he had seen far too many horrors caused by the conglomerate state.  Most of the organs he transported were from poor souls that had been deemed unworthy of citizenship or had committed a crime against the state.  Surgeons would just take the organs deemed necessary wherever they found the subject.   The FSA didn’t try to hide it either- they would openly encourage neighbors to turn in neighbors.  It was a great honor to work for the FSA; good pay and full citizenship after your tour was complete.  Joseph had joined for other reasons

“Aris are the snaps activated?”

“Yes.  Vehicle convoy should be within range in twenty seconds.”

Joseph braced himself for the initial blast.  The roar of the engines was getting louder when suddenly the road split apart underneath the heavy armors, caving both vehicles into each other.  Metal scrapped against metal as the two vehicles collided ending in a fiery explosion.  Nothing could escape a road snap.  Joseph took a step off the bike and touched the cold unit one more time. 


Only three of the bikers remained- the rest of the FSA forces lost from the road snap.  Joseph stood there unarmed as the riders came to a stop.  Immediately the two on the outside drew their weapons training them on Joseph.  The third rider slowly got off of his bike and took off his helmet.

“Joseph, Joseph, Joseph,” said a familiar voice.   “What have you done?”

“I’m surprised they sent you Daniel,” replied Joseph.  “A regional commander coming after a rogue organ trafficker.  Doesn’t that seem to be a bit dramatic?”


“You were one of the best we had, Joey.  On top of that, the cargo you stole is invaluable.  The genetic blood type of that organ is very rare.   Of course the high command is going to send me.  My orders are to bring you in along with the cold unit.  Alive or dead, the choice is yours, brother.”

Joseph glared at his brother.  “You don’t get to call me that anymore.”

Daniel laughed, “Why brother?  If I remember correctly you only got your job because of me.  After Gloria passed away..”

“She was murdered by the FSA you bastard!” Joseph interrupted, yelling at his brother.

“If she had only obeyed the laws and not gotten herself into trouble, the FSA wouldn't have needed to harvest her. 

Her rare blood type made her a most suitable donor for the High Prime.”


“She was only taken because of her blood type you bastard.  You helped harvest your own sister!”

“Her time of sacrifice to the High Prime came and she needed to fulfill it.  I was only doing my duty”

Joseph tried to find calm but it was alluding him.  “ She was butchered.  They dragged her into the harvest house and immediately started to harvest her heart.  No sedation, I could hear her screams from the forest.  I ran into the house as soon as I saw FSA starting to leave.  OUR sister wasn't even dead yet when they left!”  Joseph pressed a hand against the cold unit making sure it was still there.

“Well brother, it’s only fitting I am here at your end then.  Men.  Take aim.”


Joseph looked his brother straight in the eyes.  “She’s alive.”

“Hold positions,” Daniel said quickly.  “Explain?” he said approaching Joseph.

“When I found her she was almost dead- a few minutes and it would have been all over.  The FSA might have used the old hospital as the harvest house but they never explored it fully.  There was an old bypass machine leftover from the war.  I was able to use it to keep blood flow throughout her body.  She has lived on that machine in a coma since the harvest.”

“Is that why..” Daniel trailed off.

“Yes,” Joseph said.  “Aris, deploy electro charges.”  Small slivers of electricity jumped from his helmet and latched themselves onto the two remaining men Daniel had.  The men withered in pain and hit the ground. 

“Shoot me,” Daniel said suddenly.  “It's the only way the FSA will believe any of this.  They will harvest me if they find out I failed.”

Joseph pointed the gun at his brother wanting nothing more than to pull the trigger.  “No, today you pay for your past,” he said as he dug the butt of the gun into his brother's temple.” 


“Aris, let's go home,” he said starting down the dirt road once again.