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A fast-paced GAdventures tour through two fascinating South Asian countries. 

Tuesday, October 25 - Long drive up to Sterling, Virginia to spend the night ahead of my flight.

Wednesday, October 26 - Spent the day running a few errands in Sterling, then it was off to Dulles for my flight to...

Thursday, October 27- Doha, Qatar, where I catch another flight that gets me to...


Friday, October 28- Delhi, India in the very early morning hours. Customs is a breeze this time of night, so then it's off to the hotel for some sleep and a little exploration of the surrounding area.

Saturday, October 29- Delhi solo exploration day! I battle through a bevy of aggressive tuk tuk drivers to take the Metro to the Red Fort. Then, I meet my tour group that evening for dinner. 

Sunday, October 30 - The tour begins! After a quick look at some sites in and around Delhi, we drive to Jaipur, arriving in time for a quick trek through the market and a rooftop dinner.

Monday, October 31- An early morning bike tour through the streets, markets and temples of Jaipur, followed by a trip to the nearby Amber Fort and a little taste of a popular Bollywood movie in a lavish Jaipur cinema.


Tuesday, November 1- Off to Agra for a late afternoon visit to the incredible Taj Mahal.


Wednesday, November 2- The first of three Indian train rides takes us to the small community of Orchha, where we view some beautiful old palaces and temples and take in an evening puja, a Hindu prayer ceremony. 


Thursday, November 3 - We tour a few more of Orchha's temples, then some free time and an Indian cooking class before we board an overnight train to Varanasi.

Friday, November 4- We arrive in Varanasi, rest up a little, and then we are off for an evening boat ride on the Ganges River, witnessing cremations and a candlelit flower ceremony.

Saturday, November 5 - A sunrise boat tour on the Ganges, taking a look at all the activity that happens along the riverbanks. Then a little free time to explore the crazy crowded streets of this holy city.

Sunday, November 6 - Another train ride, and then a bus to the border with Nepal! After clearing customs, we enjoy dinner and a few drinks in our new country.

Monday, November 7 - We visit the birthplace of the Buddha in Lumbini, then take in a long, bumpy ride to our homestay inside Chitwan National Park.

Tuesday, November 8 - A morning bike ride around the homestay village, then a 4x4 photo safari to shoot (with a camera) a few rhinos and take in the scenery.

Wednesday, November 9 - We leave the homestay and head to Pokhara, a lakeside city with views of the nearby Annapurna and Himalayan mountain ranges.

Thursday, November 10 - After catching a beautiful sunrise in the nearby village of Sarangkot, several of my fellow tour passengers opt for a relaxing boat ride in Pokhara on Phewa Lake. Then, a little free time to do some souvenir shopping.

Friday, November 11 - Several of us opt to skip the long bumpy bus ride by catching a quick flight to Kathmandu. Then, we take a tour of several stupas and temples before ending the day at the city's famous Monkey Temple.

Saturday, November 12 - We opt to take a flight to view the tallest peaks of the Himalayas, including Mount Everest. Then, free time for some city exploration and one last hangout with the tour crew at a Kathmandu watering hole.

Sunday, November 13 - A very, very early morning flight from Kathmandu to Doha, then a long flight from Doha to Washington. I try to make it home that evening, but have trouble keeping my eyes open, so I stop for the night in Norfolk.

Monday, November 14 - A quick drive from Norfolk home.



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