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After many years of wanting to enter a 48 Hour Film Challenge, I finally began running in a creative group of friends who were up for entering the Hampton Roads competition in 2017. So, one hot August weekend, we wrote, shot, and edited this little film based on our prompts of Science Fiction, a tablet, and an inspector named Evan or Eva Dutrot. It was a long, sleepless effort, but it yielded some great results: the film won Second Place overall, and our cinematographer Skip Wallace won first place for his amazing work behind the camera. Not bad for a rag tag group of friends on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, most of whom were doing this for the first time.

For this effort, I was the lead writer and lead character. There are several things I would have done differently had I had it to do over, but overall I'm pretty proud of this initial foray into screenwriting.

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