By Beth Egbert

Carrie woke with a start.  Something was wrong.  She felt her legs cramping.  Her ankle throbbed in pain. She tried to straighten her legs and she realized that her legs were bound.  She struggled and realized they her hands were bound behind her back.  She began to yell, “What, what, oh my God!”

She struggled against the ropes. “Shit!”


“It won’t do you any good to scream.  No one is going to hear you where we are, and where we’re going.” 


Shit! She knew that Sam was a dangerous man.  She had long been suspected of how her co-worker had obtained his supplemental income.  Sure, all physicians were use to having higher income than others in the population.  But Sam often boasted about his weekly excursions in his amphibious four-seat Lake Buccaneer plane.  After a few seconds, she realized that she was lying in the floorboard of that very plane.


Carrie never really liked Sam.  She always found him to be an insatiable arrogant prick.  She tolerated him only because she valued her job at the hospital. But it took so long to for her to realize the depth of his evil.   It took so long to connect the dots.


Her clouded memory of what had occurred slowly started to comeback to her.  Carrie had been working late at the hospital updating her patient files.  It was then, that she saw something that she would never forget.  She found her colleague Sam, in the operating room.  He was working alone.  Not only was this completely against hospital protocol, but it was also dangerous.  With no anesthesiology, no surgical nurse to monitor patient vitals, and surgical technician to kept track of the equipment.  What the hell is going on here, Carrie had thought.  Looking closely through the window, she saw what made her blood run cold.  The patient appeared to be a female, maybe late twenties, or early thirties.  But she was eviscerated!  Dear God, Sam was harvesting her organs.


As Carrie stared agape though the window, Sam looked up from his work and saw her observing him.  Carrie, turned an ran.  She had to call 911.  Could this be why so many flyers of missing young women had begun to appear of late around town? Had Sam done the same thing to these women? Carrie felt nauseous as she ran to her office.  Should she call from here?  Or should she get out of the building in case he came after her?  Carrie grabbed her purse with her keys and cellphone, and turned to runout of her office, only to see Sam standing in her path.

“Do you really think, I’m going to let a sanctimonious bitch like you ruin my goldmine here?”

Carrie abruptly turned an ran the opposite way.  But she twisted her ankle and fell to the floor.

She trying to get up and run, but Sam was upon her, with his arm around her neck. Then she felt a shark pin prick in here neck.  She tried to struggle, but her whole body seemed to become too heavy for her to move.  Then the blackness took over.


“So is that how you paid for this plane Sam?”, Carrie asked.


“Oh yes,” he replied, “There is excellent money in organ selling. I was able to pay back my student loans in less than a year.  And no one suspected a thing.”


“How could you?” Carrie asked, “Did you not take the same oath I did?  That we all did? ‘Do no harm’? Does that ring a bell Sam?” She began slowly trying to maneuver her bonded legs through her bound hands, to get her hand in front of her.  She would have to keep him taking to distract him.


“Oh, you sanctimonious types are so fucking annoying,” Sam replied.  “Did you really take out 160,000 dollars in student loans so that you could ‘help people’? Of course not.  You did it for the money.”


“I may be far from paying pack my student loans. But I would never be able to live with myself doing what you did. How many are there Sam?” Slowly she maneuvered her hands to the front.


“Counting you….ah… be honest, I’ve lost count.  They were all degenerates…hookers, winos, crackheads….I’m really doing society a favor, and making a nice buck in the side.”


“You’re one sick fuck.” Carrie said.


“Well just think, once we make it to my chateau in Florida, your liver will get me a good 60,000 easily.” Sam replied nonchalantly.


“If I’m gonna die, I’m taking you with me”.  Carrie sprung herself up from the floorboard, and hooked her bound hands around Sam’s neck and pulled with all her strength.  The plane began to pitch and roll as Sam let go of his controls and tried to free himself.  He could not free himself and fly at the same time.  This a sickening vertigo, the plane plunged downward.  There was a blunt impact and a horribly loud crash.  Then blackness set in once again.


Carrie awoke coughing.  The air tasted of plaster dust, and acrid smoke.  Her whole body throbbed in pain.  The plan had crashed into a building.  What building? A house!  Carrie looked around.  In the wreckage, she could see Sam, still strapped into his chair.  Was he still alive?


She did not waste any time. Carrie began trying to saw the road around her hands on a piece of aluminum from the plane, broke free, and hastily untied her feet, ignoring the pain.  First she had to check to see if there were any injured in the house.  Then she had to make contact with law enforcement. Un be knowns to her, Sam had awaken, unstrapped himself, and was crawling towards her.

“You fucking bitch! You had to ruin everything didn’t you?”


Carrie scanned the debris around out her, desperately looking for something to use as a weapon.  Her hand found a candelabra. She grabbed it, and hit Sam in the head as hard as she could.