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Here's how I did Peru over a two week trip.

Monday, April 15 - Arrive into Lima. Long line at customs. Taxi ride to the hostel, then a celebratory Pisco Sour before going to bed.

Tuesday, April 16 - Walking tours of the downtown capital district and the Barranco arts district. Fun times at the hostel at night. Maybe a little too fun.

Wednesday, April 17 - Join the Peru Hop bus early morning. Quick stop at the Tambo Colorado Incan adobe site, then on to Paracas.


Thursday, April 18 - Morning tours on the water (Ballestas Island Nature Preserve) and on the land (Paracas National Preserve) of two very beautiful natural areas. Then, onto the Huacachina Oasis for a wild dune buggy ride and some sandboarding.


Friday, April 19 - Onto the bus for a quick stop at a Pisco producer (El Catador) in Ica. Then a long bus ride with a quick view of the Nazca Lines from the roadside tower, dinner in Nazca, then an overnight bus ride to Arequipa.


Saturday, April 20 - Monday, April 22 - Departed the Peru Hop for a three-day stay in Arequipa, Peru's second-largest city. Explored the area around the beautiful Plaza de Armas, watched Easter Saturday evening processionals, visited the Santa Catalina monastery, went to the Yanahuara Viewpoint for stunning views of the Misti Volcano, and took an amazing Peruvian Cuisine class at the Sanka Gastronomic Experience (pisco included).

Tuesday, April 23 - Hopped back on Peru Hop for a ride to Puno.

Wednesday, April 24 - Full-day tour of Lake Titicaca, including the man-made floating Uros Islands and the beautiful nature-made Taquile Island. Then, back to Puno and onto another overnight Peru Hop bus, this one to Cuzco. The Peru Hop portion of the trip is now complete.

Thursday, April 25 - Friday, April 26 - Instead of staying in Cuzco, I take a taxi out to the smaller town of Ollantaytambo. Spend a couple of relaxing days there, hiking and enjoying the Incan sites around the town. Beautiful accommodations at Mama Simona's hostel.

Saturday, April 27 - MACHU PICCHU! - Peru Rail out to Aguas Calientes, then up the mountain to Machu Picchu. Weather clears just in time for me to get there. Afternoon at the site, then an evening rail trip back to Ollantaytambo.


Sunday, April 28 - Tuesday, April 30 - Taxi back to Cuzco for a final three days exploring the old Incan capital. Late flight out of Cuzco to Lima, Miami, and finally into Raleigh Wednesday morning.


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