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Travel is Back... and so am I!

Enjoying a chilly view at Iceland's Dettifoss waterfall.

Hello again! Finally a chance to talk about actual travel again! I just got back from a wonderful ten days in Iceland, thanks to the Nordic nation's practical COVID policies that allow vaccinated travelers to enter the country and enjoy the breathtaking scenery that pretty much defines the entire island. You can read all about it here.

When I arrived at RDU May 19, I calculated it had been 540 days since I'd been inside an airport. Way too long. The domestic flights I was on between Raleigh and Boston were mostly full, but I had entire rows to myself both going to and coming back from Reykjavik. It seemed like tumbleweeds were going to roll through Logan Airport's international terminal, and several owners of our accommodations in Iceland told us we were the first international travelers they'd seen since the pandemic began. But hopefully, that's about to change... so I figured it might be time to wake up my sleepy ol' travel website/blog. Without any travel, I wasn't a very good travel blogger, and I didn't really pay much attention to the social media and email accounts connected to it. It's no fun to write about cancelled trips, and by ignoring my site I passed up opportunities to talk with The Washington Post and CBS News about travel vouchers. My bad.

So, in the week that I've been back I've been working to make this an 'active' travel site/blog again. I've redesigned the site (again), added the new Iceland content, and have committed to checking the ol' email once a day, posting to social media at least 2-3 times a week, and writing blog posts as often as I can come up with them.

So, Travelin' Tim is back... and will be active again. If you have any questions/comments about anything you seen here, let me know! I actually will get back to you.

Next trip countdown: 146 days and counting!

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