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Welcome to Travelin' Tim

So, here it is... another travel blogging site.

But unlike a lot of travel bloggers out there, I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert. I have not given up my career or paycheck to live a life of travel. I don't get paid to travel and write about stuff (I am open to any offers, however). At this point in time, the number of countries I have stepped foot in is a whopping... (wait for it)... 22.

But I am addicted to travel. When I'm not actually on a trip, I spend a lot of time planning the next one. I strategically calculate vacation time and try to make sure I'll always have enough of it to make the next destination worthwhile. I save money every week specifically to go on the next vacation. I try to find bargains where I can. I try to make my travel dollar go as far as I can. I suspect that makes me a lot like you.

I've always had some wanderlust in me, but was always held back by the things that hold a lot of people back. Money. Fear. Someday-ism ('I'll wait to go on THAT trip until I have a girlfriend, etc). But that all ended in 2012 when I decided to go on a solo road trip over the holiday season. I called it my 'Walkabout'. Then I started planning another road trip, this one with a friend. Then, I decided to go overseas by myself. Then I took another trip. Then another. I started giving them Roman Numerals. So far, I'm up to eight:

Walkabout I: Holiday Road (Charlotte, NC to Moab, UT and back) - December 2012 Walkabout II: West Coast Walkabout (Tijuana, Mexico to Victoria, BC) - June 2013 Walkabout III: Iberian Capitals (Spain & Portugal) - February 2015 Walkabout IV: The Balkan Blowout (Croatia, Bosnia, & Montenegro) - September 2015 Walkabout V: Blank Czech (Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary & Poland) - October 2016

Walkabout VI: Way South of the Border (Argentina, Uruguay & Chile) - March 2017 Walkabout VII: Cuba Libre! (Cuba) - December 2017

Walkabout VIII: Rock The Casbah (Morocco & Portugal) - October 2018.

The next two are already on the calendar: Walkabout IX: Incan Adventure (Peru) - April 2019

Walkabout X: Turning Japanese (Japan) - November 2019

This site will be heavy on photography, light on long detailed descriptions of destinations that you can always find on Google. But hopefully it will give the curious wannabe traveler an honest sense of place, and some peace of mind that traveling solo is not as scary as it might seem. That's the hope at least.

The bottom line is that I wanted to stop wasting my time getting into online arguments about things I hate (politics) and instead write things about something I love (travel). I want to be able to remember these trips long after I come home. And if you're a fellow travel-lover, I hope we can swap stories and ideas along the way.

So here it is... if you've found this site on the big, bad, worldwide web, I hope you enjoy it. 

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