By Julia Scheer

Bill was sitting at the breakfast table sipping his coffee and reading the newspaper when Susie came downstairs.  “Good morning sweetie” Susie said kissing him on the cheek.  “Morning dear, how did you sleep?” he replied.  “I had that dream again, you know the one about the train station?” “You have been having some strange dreams lately” Bill said.  “I know, but this one keeps coming back.  It has me a bit rattled” Susie confessed. “You put too much stock in your dreams, they’re nothing to get upset about.”  Susie wasn’t sure, this one just felt different, and the fact that she had the dream more than once worried her.  “Tell me the dream again, maybe it will lessen its hold on you” Bill said.

“Ok, it’s a bit weird.  I’m walking through a train station, but I don’t feel like myself.  It’s almost as if I’m looking through someone else’s eyes. There’s a lady walking a poodle on a leash and she passes a newsstand.  Then I am running past the newsstand and the next thing I see is a bright flash of light and a loud noise, like an explosion. But I swear I felt the concussion of the explosion and that’s when I wake up. The dream has been the same both times now” she said. “I wonder if it’s just me worrying about your trip.  You know how I feel about you traveling, especially on trains”

“I’ll be fine, nothing has happened to me on all the trips I’ve taken for work. Sure there have been a couple of close calls, but is all they have been” Bill assured her.  “I don’t know, after London and then Madrid, I just get nervous. You seem to have bad luck with train stations” she said.  Bill walking over to her and putting his arms around her to hug her close said “Susie, don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I wasn’t near either London or Madid when the explosions happened, besides there hasn’t been an attack since London in 2017” “How do you remember when the last attack was?” she inquired.  “I know you worry about me so I keep track of these things” Bill replied.

The phone rang and Bill answered it. “Hi, Scott what’s up?” “I was just calling to make sure everything was set for Dublin next week.” “It sure is Scott, I have everything, passport and papers ready to go, and this will be a great presentation” Bill assured him.  “I’m really glad to hear that Bill, we need to make a lasting impression on these people” Scott said. “Not to worry” Bill assured “this trip will definitely be remember by everyone.”  “Perfect, that’s just what I wanted to hear” Scott continued “I’ll see you Monday and we’ll work out any last minute details.”  “Great, see you then” Bill said hanging up the phone.

“So, you’re still going to Ireland next week?” Susie asked.  “You know I have to, this is a big deal for the company and I’m the only one that can sell this to those people” Bill replied.  “Ireland doesn’t have anyone that can do this type of programming?” She asked.  “Not to the level of what we do, it’ll be ok, nothing’s going to happen to me” he assured her. “Ok, I’ll drop it for the rest of the weekend, let’s just spend some time together before you leave, deal?”

“Deal” Bill replied kissing her.


Tuesday morning Susie was upset because she had the dream again, but this time she saw Bill at the station.  “Please Bill, I’m begging you not to go” she pleaded.  “I’m sorry honey, I have too. Don’t worry…ok?!  I’ll call you every night when I get back from the presentations, I promise” he reassured her.  “Ok sweetie, I love you and I pray you have a safe trip.”  “I love you too Susie, don’t worry.  I will be home by Friday” he kissed her goodbye and left for the airport.

Bill arrived in Dublin without incident.  After collecting his bags he made his way to his hotel to settle in.  Members of the company would be waiting for him with last minute details.  They had everything they needed. Next stop would be the train station tomorrow morning at rush hour.

The station was busy on Wednesday morning.  People going to work, shopping or visiting family. The train was loading passengers, Bill checked the departure board it would be leaving in 10 minutes. Bill stopped to pick up a newspaper at the newsstand looking like every other business man on the platform.  Briefcase in one hand and a newspaper in the other, it was here that the differences stopped.  Bill started to make his way to the utility closet under the stairs in the station.  That’s where he would place the bomb.  It was powerful enough to take out most of the station and the train that was waiting. The Irish people would remember this day, just as planned.  This would be better than London or Madrid.  He set the bomb and double checked the timer, he had 8 minutes to get clear.  As Bill was walking away from the closet a lady caught his eye, she had a poodle on a leash and was nearing the newsstand. Memories of Susie’s dream made him start to run.  At that moment the timer failed and a huge explosion ripped through the station.  All Bill saw was a blinding flash, he heard a loud explosion and felt the concussion.

Susie woke with a start from the dream, it seemed so real this time.  She felt something was really wrong.  She turned on the TV just in time to hear the breaking news, a terrorist had set off a bomb in a Dublin train station during the morning rush. There appeared to by numerous deaths including the bomber. A moment later her phone rang, it was Bill’s boss…

© 2021 by Travelin' Tim

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