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Since 2012, travel has become one of my favorite hobbies. Here are the trips I've taken thus far. Click on the title or the photo for more details on each adventure.

India & Nepal

October-November 2022

Two amazing weeks of culture, chaos and cuisine in South Asia.

Taj Sunset BB.jpg


March, 2022

An quick off-season solo trip to Athens, Naxos and Santorini



October-November, 2021

The culture of Istanbul, the beauty of Cappadocia, and the millennia of history in places like Ephesus take center stage on this two-week trip. 



May, 2021

Iceland opens to vaccinated outsiders, so I jump at the chance to visit this nation of incredible natural beauty.



November, 2019

Two weeks exploring The Land of the Rising Sun... from its hustling megalopolises to its amazing rural scenery and culture.



April 2019

Machu Picchu gets scratched off the ol' Bucket List, but there's so much more to fascinating, friendly Peru.


Morocco & Portugal

October 2018

An eye-opening look at the mosques, marketplaces, and magnificence of Morocco, with a few days in Portugal at the end.

46 Into The Sahara.jpg


December 2017

Taking avantage of a brief thaw in international relations to make an eye-opening visit to our isolated island neighbor..

Cuba Car.jpg

Argentina, Chile

& Uruguay

March 2017

My first trip into South America takes me into a beautiful region filled with lakes, volcanoes and wine.

Orsono 2.jpg

Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary & Poland

October 2016

Winding my way through several beautiful and historic nations of Central Europe.

Cesky Krumlov 3.jpg

Croatia, Bosnia-Herzogovina & Montenegro

September 2015

An adventure into three Balkan countries reveals an scenic part of the world still recovering from a brutal war.

Dubrovnik 5.jpg

Spain & Portugal

February 2015

For my first-ever overseas solo trip, I chose the fairly low-stress destinations of Madrid & Lisbon.

Lisbon Rain.jpg

Baja California, California, Oregon, Washington & British Columbia

June 2013

A buddy road trip up the Pacific Coast, from Tijuana, Mexico to Victoria, Canada.

Walkabout Portrait.jpg

USA Southern Tier

December 2012

With no plans for the holidays, I give myself the gift of a solo road trip, and officially catch a chronic case of wanderlust.

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