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Walkabout VI: Way South of the Border

  • When: March 5-19, 2017

  • Where:   Argentina, Chile,  Uruguay

  • How: Solo

Let's face it: For an American, traveling to Europe is the 'easy button.' So, after two trips in North America and three to Europe, I knew it was time to 'level up' my travel game.


While reading news reports of Chile's Calbuco volcano eruption in April of 2015, I was stunned by some of the scenery surrounding the smoking mountain, so I decided to put the Lakes Region of Chile on my list once things 'calmed down' a bit tectonically.


I decided to start in Buenos Aires and work my way west, stopping off in San Carlos de Bariloche before hopping over the Andes by bus and boat into Chile.


I was blown away. The mountains, the lakes, even the volcanoes combined to create some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet. A little bit of political strife in the Argentine capital forced me onto  a wonderful day trip across the river into Uruguay that made me want to visit that country again.


Scenery, steak, wine, chocolate and seafood. This introduction to South America won me over.   

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