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Free airfare and a chance to take a slow, relaxing warm-ish weather vacation was the impetus for choosing Greece as my first 2022 destination.

The first reason was that Athens was one of the places I could get to with the existing miles on my AAdvantage account. Secondly, I've always wanted to get to Greece... it was originally going to be the destination for my first solo trip back in 2015, but my reluctance to go somewhere where I don't even have the slightest knowledge of the language led me to choose Spain & Portugal instead. But Greek history, culture, scenery and food has always been on the bucket list.

Most of all, I wanted a different kind of vacation this time, one where I could relax and soak up the 'feel' of location. Not dashing from place to place like I do on tours (or sometimes on my own), but a slow vacation where I could wander uncrowded streets and relax on a deck overlooking the Mediterranean nibbling on cheese and sipping wine.


And that's what I got. March in Greece is delightfully uncrowded, from the Parthenon (above) to Santorini. Sure, the weather was a little wacky and many restaurants and shops outside of Athens were still closed for the season, but that was a small price to pay to visit a popular destination without the crowds of a popular destination.  

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