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Let's call it curiosity.


I'd heard so much about India, how wonderful and unique and messy and chaotic it is. That it gives its visitors a whole new perspective on the world... and then, of course there's the Taj Mahal.


So I booked an 'India only' tour... for November 2020.


We all know what happened then. I got my money back for that cancelled tour, and went on to use it to hit up Iceland when it reopened in the spring of 2021.

But as COVID worries receded, I began to think about re-booking, and when I found a chance to add Nepal to the itinerary (with a different company), I jumped at the chance.


I have no regrets about that decision. It was an incredible trip with a fantastic bunch of people. And while there are so many words one could use to describe this corner of the world, the one that really sums it up is "mind-blowing". (Is that considered one word or two?)

Anyway, those two countries certainly did give me that new perspective, and I'm glad I took the time to discover them.  

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