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To be entirely honest with you, a trip to Japan was not my idea. 

Two very good friends of mine are keenly interested in some aspects of Japanese culture, specifically the manga and anime scene, and asked me back in 2018 if I'd be interested in taking a trip to Japan as one of my Walkabouts. Even though I do not share the interest in anime, I thought a trip to Japan with a couple of buddies would be a good way to cross Asia off the 'continents visited' list. Heck, I've certainly picked destinations less logically before.

So, we planned a trip that would include about half of the time as a group (picture above is us at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Osaka), and half of the time exploring on our own. It was the perfect way to enjoy a fascinating country to suit our own interests, whether they be urban or rural, artistic or natural.


And I think, more than anything, that was the lesson of Walkabout X. Japan is a country that can be uniquely adapted to your individual tastes. Whether you want to spend a week or two as a foodie, an outdoorsman, or exploring uniquely fascinating history, art, or culture, you can find a way to do it in Japan.    

In my usual fashion, I made my trip to Japan a little bit of everything. From the crowded streets and trains of Tokyo and Osaka to the near-deserted roads of Nachikatsuura, from the somber history of Hiroshima to the Edo-period buildings of Shirakawa-go, from scenic country inns to tiny capsule hotels, from sushi to ramen to sake, Japan is a country full of unique sights, sounds, and tastes. It's definitely worth the extremely long plane ride to explore. 

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