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A combination of COVID-era cancellation credits and loosened entry restrictions took Turkey right to the top of my travel list in the fall of 2021.


A canceled 2020 trip to the Republic of Georgia gave me decent sized credits with both Turkish Airlines and Intrepid Travel. Turkey was open to vaccinated travelers without too much fuss, so the opportunity to take a direct flight from Dulles to Istanbul, without transiting through any other countries, made this a safer travel bet than most. Plus, I'd always wanted to see Istanbul and ride a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, so this seemed like the ideal time to go.


And I can guarantee you I wasn't disappointed. Istanbul and Cappadocia were everything I hoped they were and more, plus the beautiful blues of the Mediterranean coast and the deep dive into history in places like Ephesus and Troy made this a trip that hit so many buttons for me.


The dollar is strong and the Turkish lira is weak right now, so if those are the kinds of things you care about its a good time to go. Plus, there's Turkish cuisine and culture, beautiful scenery, delightful weather (for us, at least) and friendly (sometimes overly friendly, more on that in Tips & Tricks) people. All in all, it was a wonderful three weeks in a country too few Americans have discovered.  

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